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The artistic director’s vision is essential for any higher dance training program. The role of the artistic director is to define the general program of courses and activities, and to design the links between all the modules in order to develop a common artistic approach among students and encourage the construction of their creative identities.

The role of the general coordinator is to ensure the day-to-day management of the program and training, with the support of the administrative team.
He is in regular contact with the students to support, monitor and guide them.

Artistic Director

WAYS Training Program
WAYS The Company


Freya Pauwels obtained her Bachelor of Dance with honors in 2012 in The Netherlands She then worked as a dancer with choreographer Brice Mousset in Paris and New York.
In 2015, she was invited by Australian Dance Theatre for an exchange that ultimately had a huge impact on her vocabulary as a dancer and choreographer.
She has trained in Paris, London, Amsterdam, Brussels, New York, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Adelaide…

She has worked closely with Min Hee Bervoets, Martin Michel, Michel Froget, Thao Nguyen, Luc Petit, Martino Müller, Bart Doerfler, Jeremy Lepine, Zack Reece, Laurent Flament, Noi Pakon, Frank van Laecke…
She has danced with artists such as Loïc Nottet, Henri PFR, Natalia and for several Belgian television and radio programs. As an aerial acrobat, she has performed in Taiwan, France and on the main stage of Tomorrowland for several years.
She has performed in Musichall’s Peter Pan and Cinderella.
The following year, she was Dance Captain and assistant director in One The Musical in Amsterdam, and Dance Captain and aerial acrobat in Studio 100’s Red Star Line.

She has choreographed and directed Only The Winds, Woman, Morning and Gasping Voices. The latter has won numerous awards worldwide.
She is co-founder of Jacowbski Invites and Dansvloer, which have been supporting and promoting dance and the dance community ever since.

In parallel with her dance career, she teaches modern dance technique throughout Belgium, and holds a Master’s degree in applied linguistics from the Free University of Brussels (VUB).


Kevin Fusion Pilou

Artistic Director


Kevin Pilette

A versatile dancer and choreographer, Kevin Pilette’s career has been nurtured by a host of great encounters (Franco Dragone, Luc Petit, Kamel Ouali, Mourad Merzouki, Farid Berki, Afid Zekhnini, etc.). They have enabled him to develop as a human being and to acquire a wealth of experience in the cultural sector and in urban dance. Whether alone or in duet with Saléna Baudoux, Kevin has multiplied his projects, from the biggest French theaters to TV shows.

These multiple experiences have enabled her to develop a complete vision of interpretation and creation, as well as a concrete network in the dance sector and more generally in urban dance.



General coordination

Stéphanie Van Laethem

General coordination – WAYS + THE COMPANY


Marie Siego

General coordination – RISE


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