RISE – Year 2

The program

The second year of training is designed to combine ongoing training, personal development and, above all, integration into the cultural sector and the development of personal and professional projects.

This second year combines some of the essential regular courses from the first year, new regular courses and more specific techniques, time for internships in cultural management and performance (with companies or theaters), as well as an audition schedule and a week’s international internship, on exchange with a European graduate school.

1. Regular courses

Regular courses :

As in the first year, students follow a core of regular lessons. To this base are added specific courses (see below “Specific program for second year”):

Regular joint courses :

6 hours per week of classical ballet.
5 hours per week of Urban / Hip Hop.
4 hours per week Contemporary.
2 hours per week Modern / Jazz.

Specific regular courses – 2nd year :

The need to diversify and intensify students’ technical learning is at the heart of our concerns. With the aim of fostering the development of each student’s artistic identity, students take regular specific courses in addition to the core curriculum:

2h/ Week – Interpretation & Performance
2h/ Week – Advanced techniques – Urban dance
2h/ Week – Theater
2h / Week – Adapted muscle strengthening

1h30 – Theoretical course: Choreology – Anatomy – History
1h30 – Theoretical course: Management – Administration – Taxation of the artist

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2. Masterclass

As in the first year, as part of the core curriculum, second-year students take weekly classes with national and international guest teachers.

Each week the program includes two hours of MasterClass.
Renowned teachers are invited one or more times a year to share their visions of dance and their choreographic work.

These are multiple opportunities to broaden one’s approach to dance, and to discover more specific work. We are convinced that versatility is of great importance for dancers today. You have to learn and understand quickly, and be able to adapt and react to a choreographer’s or director’s request.

These masterclasses are an opportunity to try out different styles and techniques.

3. Guest choreographers

As in the first year, second-year students take part in three choreographic weeks together.
Special choreographic weeks are planned for second-year students.

Students will also take part in a week-long workshop with a guest choreographer.

The results of these weeks will be presented at RISE’s end-of-year performance and occasionally at other events and festivals.

The choreographer’s work will be directed exclusively for the RISE students, 5 to 6 hours a day, all week long, culminating in a unique creation.

Masterclass dance
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4. Work placement.

Internships & professional integration :

Beginning a stable professional integration and developing a network are major challenges in this second year of training.

Several weeks of internships are planned throughout the year:

1. Cultural management internship

In order to develop a practical approach to cultural management, which students are bound to encounter in the development of their artistic careers and projects, they will take part in a two-week internship with a defined cultural structure. These may include :
– A dance company
– A theater or cultural center
– A center for expression and creativity
– An artist residency space

The aim of this course is to develop students’ organizational and management skills:
– Administrative
– Team management
– Artist management
– Project coordination
– Meeting the public
– Production & distribution

2. Internship in dance, performance or choreography.

To develop their professional integration as artists, students are required to complete 3 to 4 weeks of internships with companies, venues or artists.
The aim of this internship is to develop practical skills in a professional context, for example:

– Monitoring company rehearsals
– Assisting a choreographer or artist
– Research or residency time with a company
– Performances or work with an artist
– Etc…

5. Access to culture & Health


Access to culture :

The first year’s access to culture program is extended into the second year. Students will be invited to attend performances, exhibitions, company residencies and rehearsals.

Second graders will be asked to provide a more detailed analysis after each performance.

Health and fitness :

Always conscious of the importance of personal follow-up, students in their second year can continue to benefit from the services and advice of the physiotherapist and dietician.

Masterclass dance
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6. Personal projects

.As in the first year, students will be asked to develop multi-faceted personal projects. In particular, the creation of a short form, or the creation of a 15-minute choreographed piece.

They will work on their creations in the dance studios, but also in residence in a theater, and in collaboration with a technical production team.

They will submit their creative projects to distribution agencies, choreographers and artists for review.

The results of these personal projects will be presented to a jury of professionals and/or an audience.

7. International exchange

International exchange :

Eventually, second-year students must complete a one-week international internship in one of our professional training partners:
– Amsterdam
– London
– Paris
– Madrid

Or others…

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