We train dancers in current techniques and practices and in building an artistic career.

They can be trained in two or three years of continuing education (or one year for “THE COMPANY” professional integration company program).
Not far from Brussels (the European capital), our location offers easy access and interaction with social and cultural life. Our coaching and the pursuit of excellence in dance practice are major elements of our teaching practices.

Thanks to the various courses that make up the program, our guest teachers, our participation in cultural events and our work with Belgian and international agencies, we are able to build and strengthen our students’ skill sets. We also emphasize the values of our training programs: respect for the plurality of convictions, solidarity, and the dignity and honor of each individual. At the end of the training, dancers are ready to face the reality of the field and start a professional dance activity.

Ways Training Programs offers three different training and study programs with shared values:


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Creative potential

Personal development of artistic identity, creative approach and dance.
Develop your relationship with art and expressiveness. Develop your own critical thinking skills. Be able to occupy the stage and scenographic space. Be able to create your own language, emotions, interpretation and gestures.

Technical potential

Understand your body and know how to use it correctly and concretely with a sound technical background.

Adapt to different techniques and understand them quickly.
Be able to learn and perform all types of choreographic work, and adapt to all circumstances.

Professional potential

Establish yourself as an artist, dancer, teacher, choreographer. Develop opportunities and know how to respond to requests. Delivering on commitments, entrepreneurship and differentiation.
Hygiene in work and organization. Draw up a short- and long-term career plan.

Development potential

Build your desire for personal development. Become an artistic entrepreneur and feed your thirst for projects and learning, giving yourself the means to move forward, build and envisage the future.

What next?

The aim of the training is to prepare concretely students for their integration into the dance industry.

Our goal is to make sure our students will be ready after two or three years of training.
Although the process of learning is the story of a lifetime and never-ending, the aim of the training is to prepare them for a concrete entry into professional life.

That’s what makes the Ways Training Program so unique and multifaceted.
We support students to get into the different professional opportunities available to an artist:
– Working in company
– Working as a freelancer
– Working in the choreographic creation sector
– Working in the performing arts sector
– Working in cultural education
– Working in events
– Etc…

It’s by broadening the field of possibilities that the artist will develop a multitude of opportunities after his training. Also keeping in mind your professional priorities and desires.


Advanced training in dance and performance


Advanced training in urban dance


Professional integration in the dance industry.