WAYS – First year

The program

We have set up a comprehensive, multi-faceted training program.

In partnership with various cultural establishments in Belgium and renowned international choreographers. The program combines regular courses, homework, theory, personal follow-up, health, nutrition, prevention, work experience and much more…

1. Regular courses

During their first year at Ways Training Program, students are first and foremost invited to understand their own steps in the artistic career.
This first year of training, which combines intensive technical apprenticeship, cultural approach, performances and much more, should above all enable students to question and strengthen their conviction and desire to become accomplished professionals in the field of dance, performance and choreography.

Reflection on art, gestures and their significance are also essential aspects of the training. The aim of this first year is to bombard them with external input and bring the student to the point of blossoming.

Typical week

The students’ schedule 

6 hours per week Contemporary & Modern Dance Technique
3 hours per week of Classical / Ballet.
1,5 hours of Laban Technique
1,5 hours of Jazz Dance 
1,5 hours of ‘Unusual Pathways’
3 hours per week urban
3 hours per week Performance classes
3 hours of Yoga and Acrobatics


Total 1st year: 400h / Regular courses

Masterclass dance

2. Intercultural Dance Studies & Dance Related Theory

  • ‘Smart Dancers Coaching’ by a Fysiotherapist
  •  Stage and light design 
  • Costume Design
  • Career management and accountancy 
  •  Dance Videography and Digital marketing



80h / Year

3. End Of The Year Performances

Renowned Choreographers from the current theatre dance field are invited at the end of the year to share their vision of dance and their choreographic work.

These are multiple opportunities to broaden one’s approach to dance, and to discover more specific repertory. We are convinced that versatility is of paramount importance for dancers today. You have to learn and understand quickly, and be able to adapt and react to a choreographer’s or director’s request.

Additionally, it is the perfect opportunity to blend the world of the dancer in training with current dance professionals from the field.

150h / Guest choreographers

Masterclass dance
dance student ways

4. Entering the industry

In their first year, students gain initial experience of the world of work, networking,… Professional experience and networking will play a key role in career development after training.

In partnership with Belgian dance agencies, we occasionally offer various jobs to 1st year students.

They provide an opportunity to :
– Work in a professional environment.
– Meet the requirements of a manager.
– Respect work schedules.
– Gaining experience.
– Discover different forms of work.
– Developing a network

Professional projects can be varied. They are usually one-off events and will of course be adapted to the regular program schedule…

These can be a variety of opportunities:

– Events
– Festivals & Performances
– Artists & Companies
– Advertising
– Shows & Rehearsals

50h / Year

5. Access to culture

Encouraging and supporting access to culture means offering students the chance to discover the richness of the artistic and cultural landscape, as well as developing their own critical faculties. This essential work involves meeting artists, visiting exhibitions, or going to see plays, concerts, performances, company rehearsals, etc.

Thanks to our partnerships with various Belgian cultural organizations, several times a year students will have the chance to attend shows and performances, choreographic or otherwise, as well as company rehearsals, accompanied by special mediation and cultural awareness-raising activities.

A unique opportunity to forge your artistic character and approach the world of show business. Critical development and knowledge of the rich cultural landscape must be an integral part of training.

30h / Year

Masterclass dance
Ways dance Belgium

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