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Ways The Company is designed for dancers, dance graduates, and professionals who wish to strengthen their technical and creative skills.  It simulates the professional company life.  They gain professional creation and performance experience and broaden their skill set while working intensely with various choreographers. They receive guidance in setting up their career paths and simultaneously discover their proper artistic identity.

We want to bridge the gap between dancers who just finished their dance formation and are about to start their professional career. WAYS the Company will enable a more profound and intense collaboration with a choreographer, to be on stage for a longer performance and broaden the dance network of its students.  Ways the Company is the facultative third year of the Ways Training Program. However, we will welcome external students via online applications, to benefit from this unique concept in Belgium. 

Each year will consist of 3 creations of approximately 6 weeks each. Next to their daily warm up class,  a choreographer from the current dance theatre field will come and transfer his knowledge to the students. Each creation will last 1 hour and enables the fact to go a lot deeper into a certain dance vocabulary or concept. At the end of each period, we will move into the theatre to set up the piece in the theatre; managing spacing and lighting. We will take care of professional video captation  and invite family and friends over to witness the piece in real life.

We are looking for young dancers with a strong technical base in contemporary dance :

– Body awareness

– Physical potential

– Intension of movement

– Creative skills

– Open mind

– Desire to confront yourself to the work of choreographers of the current dance field.

Every year we choose candidates from many different backgrounds.

*WTC is not a professional company. The dancers are all students of the Ways Training Program and do not receive a salary.

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Sample Schedule 


– 4 Days / week

– 1 Warm up class + 4 hours of creation / day

This schedules leaves room for other projects and jobs of personal interest – teaching – travels …

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